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Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser

Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser











  • Designed for producing various mortises simultaneously
  • Flexible head combination to meet specific job requirements.
  • Double tables on front and back sides, permitting both sides operation for increased efficiency.
  • Cutter speeds are frequency inverter controlled.
  • The entire operation motions are conveniently controlled by simply pressing the foot switch.
  • Each carriage is adjusted independently.
  • Two speeds cutter oscillation permits high/low speed change.
  • Carriage slide on big steel rods. High speed cutter oscillation features maximum stability.
  • Mortise width and depth are adjustable.
  • Carriage are well constructed for adjusting mortise width independently.

No. of Carriage
3 sets
4 sets
No. of Spindles
3~6 spindles
4~6 spindles
Max. Mortise Width
100 mm
Max. Mortise Depth
50 mm
Cutter Diameter
6~25 mm
Cutter Shank Diameter
16 mm
Distance between Spindles
90~1000 mm
Oscillation Speed
95 / 190 Strokes
Spindle Speeds
6000~12000 rpm
Tilted Mortise Angle
Spindle Motor
1.8 HP
Oscillation Drive Motor
1 HP
1350 / 1650 kg
1450 / 1750 kg
Machine Size (LxWxH)
2200 x 1420 x 1480 mm
2200 x 1420 x 1650 mm
Packing Size (LxWxH)
2330 x 1600 x 1550 mm
2330 x 1510 x 1850 mm

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.